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Advantages of owning a website with a good domain name.

Here are a few things you want to keep in mind when considering a domain name:

Your startup's name and domain name should match

You'll often see startups choose a product name but then choose add "Get" before or "HQ" after it because the exact domain name is registered. For example, when Dropbox started they used GetDropbox.com, but later had to purchase Dropbox.com because something like 10% of their traffic navigated directly to Dropbox.com, which they did not own. Save yourself some trouble and pick a a startup name whose exact match domain name you can register or buy before you launch your startup.

Either country-level .RO

Similar to how you want your domain name to match your product's name, you want to own the .RO because that's still what most non-technical people will assume you own. You're going to miss out on traffic because, like the Dropbox example, most people will head straight to yourproductname.ro.

Your startup's name should be easy to spell

Another common technique is for startups to pick a name and then use some spelling hack to adjust it so that they can get a name that's available. For example, Bountii.com, Snipd.com, etc. There have been a few successful startups that have used this technique (Flickr.com), but for every company that has gone this route and been happy with it there are probably 20 that have wished they'd chosen something simpler. Not only will you have to spell it out every time you tell someone it ("I run a startup called called Bountii -- that's B-O-U-N-T-I-I dot com") but you'll also miss out on customers who can't remember how you spelled your name ("Was it two T's or two I's or both?"). Similarly, avoid numbers (people won't remember whether they're spelled out or not) and avoid hyphens (people won't remember that you have them).